Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday fashion crushes 04-07

God has a plan for you, don't let anyone convince you you are useless.

Hello lovelies,
I love Tuesdays because I get to share with you guys all my crushes from last week. 

1. & 2. EmilianGergard
3. NakedWardrobe
4. Eyelavish
5. AlexanderWangNY
6. Valentino 
7. Ingalala_
8. & 9. LilyGhalich
10. & 11. TCW_Apparel
12. leopard_leathery_love (Insta)

I hope you enjoyed it. Please share with me if you have a post about crushes you have. Thanks for reading my post.
Have a wonderful day!

P.S. I'll be posting more on that creeper from Craiglist as he is still trying to contact me.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Instagram: Week 1 April

Hello Lovelies,
How was your week? Mine was kind of great and bad at the same time. I've been trying to sell my couch on Craiglist and let me tell you something: "there are a lot of weirdos out there!". 

First of all, you have the conmen and then the sexual diseased people, and I've been contacted by both of these type of people over the past couple of day. 

Buyer 1 started by asking me if I still had the couch and then he said he was gonna send me a money order (while I emphasized on the ad I wasn't taking money orders). The next day he told me: I just noticed you were overpaid with the money order, once you receive it, can you deduct your money and send back the balance through Western Union?" and he had the nerve to even add this: "Can I trust you with this?" I mean what type of low a** (lord help me with this) type of human is this!

Buyer 2: "Hi, I'm interested in the couch you are selling and I would like to come and check it now. I have the money with me, don't worry. Can I have your address?"
Me: "Oh ok....but I am not available right now because I am at work and I only get off around 5:30p. We can schedule a meeting around that time" (but for some reasons I was feeling it, from the moment I picked up the call to the moment I hung up, my heart was beating fast)
Buyer 2: [deep voice] "Alright, I am going to look for a ride and as soon as you get out of work, give me a call and I'll come over. What's your address beautiful? You know you have a beautiful voice sweetie!"
Me: "Oh Thank you. I live on Oxford Rd and it's hard to find the place when using the GPS (I was lying obviously) so I direct you later when you get on Oxford Rd."
     4 Hours later, he called again...
Buyer 2: " hello, it's me again, talk to me babe, are you home?"
Me: [with my deepest voice] "Who is this?" 
Buyer 2: [clears his throat] "Sorry about that I was talking to someone else (My Butt! He was definitely talking directly to me). I called earlier for the couch and I want to say again that I have money."
Me: "Yeah"
Buyer 2: "Are you out of work now?"
Me: "Yes I am and I'm driving home. However, I will need more time as I work 45 mins away from home."
Buyer 2:"DiD anyone ever told you you have a very nice voice? I'm hypnotized...keep talking to me"
         [long silence]
Buyer 2: "Sorry if I scared you. I'm a very nice man, who's only interested in the couch. I'm not one of those sex offenders that live in this area..."
Me:      [Big Silence]
Buyer 2: "You just sound like my girlfriend who passed away few months earlier and you remind me of her. She had an accent just like yours."
Me: "I'm sorry about that"
Buyer 2: "No it's alright, I Hope I didn't scare you because I am very interested in your sofa."
Me: "Alright Sir, I'll be home in exactly 50 mins from now. Once you get on Oxford Rd, let me know and I'll give you more directions."
Buyer: "Great. Thanks for giving an opportunity to come take a look at what's about to become the biggest love of my life.....[silence]......I mean the couch. I already love it from the pictures."
Me: "Bye bye now"
At this point I was thinking about calling 2-3 of my male friends to come over and Wait for this weirdo. 2 of Friends accepted to come over.
      4 hours later, he called again...
Buyer 2: "I bet it's too late to come over now [laugh alone]. I bet you are already sleeping."
Me: [silence]
Buyer 2: "Will you be available tomorrow at 10? 
Me: Yes
Buyer 2: "ok so I will call you tomorrow at 9:30."
Me: "Alright then". 

Read my next post on Tuesday to know what happened and how I got a confirmation that he was an old pervert. 

Thanks for the love :)
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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Buy it or Not

Hi Lovelies,
So I've been looking for a pale pink sweater and I think I found one from H&M but it's kind of out of my budget right now so I'm wondering if it is worth the buy. What do you think?

Thank you for reading a my post and leave me a comment :)

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Instagram: Week 4 - March

"Enjoy every minute of life. Once it's gone, it never comes back." - Jessica Nyirinkwaya

I had a great week, it was sunny from most of the week and I was just so full of energy!

Hope your week went well :)
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